Benefits of Lifestyle Medicine?

The benefits of lifestyle medicine are plenty, here's some just to name a few!

  • Reduced reliance on medications = more savings for the things you enjoy

  • No drugs = no side effects

  • Increased awareness of your habits and lifestyle choices

  • Improvement your clinical conditions (results vary depending on your compliance)

  • Prevention and improvement in other lifestyle-related health conditions

  • Dropped 4 dress sizes

  • Achieved silver in IPPT

  • Ultimately, a healthier and happier you!

How is my treatment personalised?


At PALM Centre, the core of what we do is to walk this journey together with you to help you

get to your goals. We assess your health, motivation, set realistic goals and expectations, 

empower and encourage you in this journey, and monitor your progress. We take time to help you understand your lifestyle habits and demands of your socio-environmental situations.


By doing so, it gets to the bottom of why you do certain things e.g. I didn't realise I didn't need coffee, it was actually a habit to get it when passing by this coffee shop on my way back to office from lunch.  With habits, sometimes you just need an outside perspective to help you become aware and see what can be improved. That will make it easier for you to change your eating habits, activity levels, sleeping patterns, prioritise your work as well as your free time. 


Why do I need a health manager? I'm fine on my own!

Studies have shown that behaviour change is most effective when performed with someone else. Having a health manager keeps you accountable, additionally, they provide the following benefits:

  • A reliable source of information - We provide information based on scientific evidence and constantly update ourselves with the current research.

  • Highly trained and qualified - Each health manager is equipped with the necessary tools for effective behavioural change

  • Correlate your lifestyle habits and health parameters - Your health manager will help you understand the relationship between your lifestyle habits and health parameters. E.g. How poor sleep affects your blood pressure levels

  • Your reliable partner - daily check-in with one-on-one guidance

  • Personalise your treatment - Your treatment will be tailoured to your individual situations, needs and personal preferences E.g. help to manage your stress levels by assessing your situations 


I want to lose weight but do not have a chronic disease. Can I still join?

Of course! Our program does not discriminate, as our program is highly personalised we are still able to meet your needs and help you to lose weight in a safe and effective manner. 


Why must I log pictures of my food?

It is important for your dedicated coach to know the details of your lifestyle to help you. Logging food photos is an accurate way to estimate nutrition intake and estimate portion size. Besides, studies show that logging your food photos can help you achieve better results by increasing mindfulness of food choices, self-awareness of hunger and encouraging healthier choices. Through the app, you can upload all the relevant information and interact with your health manager. All your personal information will remain confidential and secure.