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CNY treats calorie count - How much to walk it off?

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

With CNY just round the corner, every household has at least some form of CNY treats lying around or hiding somewhere. You may have even started feasting on those treats yourself! While it's a commonly known fact that CNY treats are not the healthiest, how much exercise has to be done to actually burn off those calories?

1) Pineapple Tarts (90 calories/ piece)

Do you prefer enclosed or open faced pineapple tarts? Either way, consuming just four pieces of contains more calories than a bowl of rice!

Walking time to burn off: 28 minutes/ piece

2) Kueh Lapis (237 calories/ slice)

A top favourite amongst the goodies. These cakes are often full of butter and sugar making it calorie dense.

Walking time to burn off: 1 hour, 13 minutes/ slice

3) Kueh Bangkit (15 calories/ piece)

At 15 calories a piece, these seemingly harmless treats can post a problem in a blink of an eye. Be mindful of how many you consume and stop before it costs you too much.

Walking time to burn off: 5 minutes/ piece

4) Dried Shrimp Roll (23 calories/ piece)

Small and easy to eat, these shrimp rolls are deep fried to give that all familiar crunch. High in saturated fat, these treats are worth keeping a count on.

Walking time to burn off: 7 minutes/ piece

5) Bak Kwa (370 calories/ slice)

A hot favourite among the CNY treats, bak kwa has the highest calorie count of them all. To avoid the massive calorie overload, cut them up into smaller pieces and share the love.

Walking time to burn off: 1 hour, 53 minutes/ slice

6) Love Letters (56 calories/ piece)

Another seemingly harmless treat, love letters are light, crispy treats and addictive. Be mindful and avoid going overboard.

Walking time to burn off: 17 minutes/ piece

*note: All values given are estimates

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