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Food and your Thyroid

Hypothyroidism affects 1-2% of people worldwide and is more likely to affect women than men. Women are 5 times more likely to get hypothyroidism than men. To manage hypothyroidism, a combination of food, medication and activity would benefit you.

Tips to manage low thyroid levels

Body processes slow down, so does your metabolic rate and the rest of your body processes. Below are 3 tips to manage your hypothyroidism.

Moderate to high intensity cardio activities

  • Activities like hiking, running, brisk walking or rowing.

  • Moderate to high intensity activities have been shown to boost your thyroid hormone levels, increasing metabolic.

  • Good for sluggish metabolic and weight management.

Foods to include:

Being aware of the changes in your body is critical for you to be able to manage your condition. Staying clear from high calories foods or processed food is a good way to prevent unnecessary weight gain. Instead, focus on good proteins, vegetables and choose foods that are of lower glycemic index.

Now you understand more about hypothyroid, but what about Hyperthyroid? Stay tuned!

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