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Food of the month: Milk

Milk is a convenient food ingredient that contains calcium, a mineral necessary for good bone health. There are also many other non-dairy foods that contain calcium. In today’s post, we will discuss the bioavailability of calcium.

Bioavailability refers to the degree to which a nutrient is absorbed and utilised by the body. Understanding bioavailability gives us a better idea of how to plan about our food intake when it comes to various nutrients needed by the body.

Cow’s milk bioavailability of calcium is about 30 to 35%. This means that 30-35% of calcium will be absorbed by the body when you drink your glass of milk. The table below shows the bioavailability of various foods:

Calcium (Ca) Bioavailability in Common Foods

* The calcium content of tofu varies according to the brand and depending on the type of tofu.

It is important to understand your body’s needs of calcium for good bone growth/maintenence at different life stages.

Contact your healthcare provider for proper guidance if you are suffering for osteoporosis or have concerns about your calcium’s intake

In our next post in February, we talk about cholesterol. Stay tuned!

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