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Fruit juices: Good or bad?

Juicing has become popular over the years and there have been many claims about what good it can do. Some of the claimed benefits include body cleansing, better ability to absorb nutrients, weight loss and better digestion ability.

Two ways to obtain your juices:

  1. Blending

Blending just means putting your fruits and/or vegetables into a blender. The end product consists of both the juice and its fibre.

  1. Juicing

Putting your fruits and/or vegetables through a juicer gives you just the liquid component. The fibre is usually discarded.

Some benefits of drinking juices

  • A boost of vitamin and minerals intake, including phytochemicals and antioxidants due to the quantity of fruits and vegetables used. A glass of fresh squeezed orange juice will need about 3 oranges.

  • Juices can help in better digestion as it introduces healthy enzymes that helps the gut.

Suggested down side of juices

  • higher intake of calories due to the amount of fruits used.

  • Some fruits contain oxalates. higher intake may lead to kidney problems.

Here we answer some questions about drinking juices:

Q: Does drinking juices help the body do its cleansing?

A: For cleansing, our body has its own way of doing so, which is via our kidneys and liver. These two organs act as our body’s detox system. To have a good detox system, drink plenty of water and eat fresh foods. Processed food or food high in refined carbohydrates give stress to these 2 organs. Also, certain fruits high in oxalate (eg. Beets, Berries., Cranberries, Dark green vegetables, such as spinach, Oranges) may pose more harm than good for people with kidney problems.

Q: Does drinking fruit juice help the body absorb nutrients better?

A: There is a study showing that carotenoid from fresh papaya and mango verses from it juices displayed good absorption from the body

Q: I went on a juice fast and managed to lose some weight. I would like to continue on this to lose more. is it advisable?

A: The concept of juice fasting is usually depriving your body off calories, taking in calories only from the juices. In the short term (1 week to 2 weeks), you will lose weight as you are in a calorie deficit. In the long term (3 weeks and more), your body will be lacking in other major nutrients like protein that is important for body growth and maintenance.

If you are intending to start juicing because everyone is doing so but have some doubts or have a medical issue, look for your registered nutritionist or dietician to get on the right track!

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