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Guilt- Free Festive Season: Chinese New Year

Have a New Year's resolution to stay healthy but are afraid you cannot commit to it? Or have you been on a specific diet, thriving well but worry you will cave into temptation during this festive season? Festive seasons are meant for laughter joy and sharing. Indulging in delicious goodies will no doubt bring joy but also some guilt. Here are some practical tips to stay sane and “control” your appetite:

1. Have a good healthy breakfast to start your day

It has been shown that after having a good hearty breakfast, people consume fewer calories throughout the day. When we say good hearty breakfast, we mean a breakfast menu filled with good proteins, fibres and complex carbohydrates.

Whip up a simple no fuss breakfast like oats with fruits and low fat milk, or a toast with eggs, avocado and a side salad, or a simple wrap with your favourite toppings like peppers, eggs, mushrooms and grilled chicken.

2. Plan your binge

If you know that you are going to “binge” on certain days or meals, give yourself some slack on the other meals. Consume things like a light soup or a vegetable based salad. Being realistic also allows you to plan your day better.

3. Don’t forget your exercise

Exercising helps to keep your weight stable during the festive season. If you exercise regularly, this is not the time to cut back on them! Even a simple walk with the family after a meal would benefit you.

4. It’s either sweet drinks or dessert

Chinese New Year is all about calories and sweet foods, both of which have undesirable effects when taken in excess. Play a game with yourself, choose either the sweet drink or the dessert you have been eyeing, not both.

5. Portion control

Its unavoidable that during this period of time, sharing is the most polite way of welcoming guests. As a guest, you may find it hard to reject good intentions. Try portion control as an alternative way. Use small bowls instead of plates when picking your treat. Use chopsticks instead of spoons or forks to allow yourself more time to eat. This in turn slows you down when eating, allowing time for food to travel down your digestive system, and alerting you that you are getting full.

6. Sharing your treats

Too many goodies on your table? Try giving away some in little treat bags to your guests. Treat bags can contain anything from tarts to sweets and even nian gao.

Here at PALM, we wish you a prosperous Lunar New Year!

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