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5 Travel eating tips to keep your weight in check

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Eating while on travels are often a dilemma for those who are on a weight or diet restriction. If you are experiencing confusion or stressing out about what and how to eat on your travels without ruining your waistline, fear not! Here 5 tips to help:

1) Do your research

Research on the places you'll most likely be visiting. Plan meal schedules in advance, make a reservation if you need to, check food reviews and have back up options in case of hiccups. If you know you will be having a heavy meal, compensate by consuming low calorie foods before and after the meal. If you have a dessert, choose non-fried, non-creamy or fruit-based desserts.

2) Bring healthy snacks along with you

Bringing along healthy snacks beforehand can help you cut down on food expenses and keeps your hunger at bay preventing overindulgence later on. Choose foods you like, keeping in mind that the food should be travel compliant as well.

3) Resist overeating at the buffet line

Despite temptations of an abundance of food from the buffet line especially at breakfast, it is important to choose the food wisely and make your options count. Go for protein rich options such as eggs and mushrooms and including fruits to get vitamins and minerals. When possible, opt for low fat and whole grain options and mindfully avoid the dessert/ pastry section.

4) Choose a healthier in-flight meal

Certain airlines now offer healthier options for their in-flight meals. Having the ability to choose your meals allows you to plan around your diet without getting "surprised" on your flight.

5) Sharing is caring

When possible, share food with your friends or travel companions. Sharing allows you to try out a greater variety of foods without over consuming.

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