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Your Christmas woes, and how to trump it

Christmas is all about gatherings and sharing happy times with your loved ones. Social interaction and bonding, according to psychologists, is good for mental health. Doing it mindfully is critical.

Many people experience weight gain or go off track their usual healthy lifestyle when such occasions come by. People who suffer from chronic diseases may be more vulnerable in such instances.

Here are some useful and practical tips you can practice when big occasions hit you

1. Avoid visiting on empty stomach

Starting your day with a healthy and sustainable breakfast and lunch leaves you with a lower chance of overeating during meetups or parties. Having high satiety meals before your gathering meal also prevents unnecessary cravings. Sustainable and high satiety good food items include fruits and vegetables and lean protein, with wholegrains.

2. Eat till you no longer feel hungry, not till you feel full

It takes some time for your body to register that you are full. Usually when you eat till you already feel full, you have already over-ate.

3. Choose water over calories

Depending on what kind of beverages are served, cold drinks such as coke or fruit juices contain calories. Calorie count ranges from 100kcal to 300kcal per serve. Drinking water or even fruit infused water would be a smarter choice to prevent extra calorie consumption.

For alcohol, stay within the recommended of 7 standard drinks per week for women, and 14 standard drinks per week for men.

4. Be further away from the snack table when mingling

Standing next to the snack table at a gathering subconsciously makes you go for what's on the table while chatting. Instead, use a small serving bowl or plate to pick food bites and move to a further area to mingle.

5. Ramp up those exercise

Festive seasons are no excuse to ignore your usual activity. Instead, try doubling it up on days that you are gathering-free. Do this within the week.

Festive seasons are times to enjoy. Remember, you do not have to be too stingy with yourself, instead, pick smart, eat smart.

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